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Polak One

Polak was born in Genk, and stems from a long line of Polish ancestors. His alter ego, Polak one, reflects the pride he feels of his mixed roots.

It did not take him long to discover his need to create, graffiti was the spark that ignited his fire. He started out just 'decorating' walls, exploring different genres until he developed his own. In the meantime, his graffiti work has seduced not only individuals, but has also caught the attention of large companies.

His recently discovered passion for tattooing is yet another expression of his creativity. His tattoos are unique, personilized and only meant to fit one client's skin.

The only common denominator in all of his work, be it through cans or needles, is his personal style, which can be defined as realistic with a touch of surrealism and a whiff of insanity, which is guaranteed to take the viewer to an enthralling world unseen.

Check out Polak's latest work in his tattoo gallery!